AXA Portrait Shoot

A couple of weeks ago saw me shooting for the lovely folks at AXA Rosenburg, a San Francisco based company started by a hippy over 20 years ago. Like a lot of start ups in that era it has done rather well… in the same ilk as Apple, Microsoft etc. The shoot was 6 portraits of high flying employees.  The style that they wanted was very much a shallow depth of field with a blown out background. For a shoot like this I try and shoot on F2.8 on a long lens (between 160mm to 200mm), This allows me to get a maximum (or should that be minimum) depth of field. For the majority of the portraits I tried to balance the daylight with the flash which was positioned above the camera on a boom (see image 1) and a reflector below the camera out of shot to try and flick some light up into the eyes as well as under the chin. There were two locations for the shoot and due to a bizarre and overly sophisticated fire alarm system I could not use flash, so daylight it was. There was a lot of green flying around so there was a bit of post to do on the image by removing green from it, but the end result was great, a nice portrait that wasn’t too corporate. (See  image2). Sometimes shooting in a room with lots of glass can be tricky due to the reflections you can get but as long as you use egg crates in the soft box, a polarising filter or you simply burn out the window light this usually isn’t a problem.

Image 2

Image 2

Image 1

Image 1

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