A shoot for #Moet Hennessy..

It is always nice when a new client calls and books you, especially when it is a big luxury brand like Moet Hennessy. They want me to not only take stills but also shoot video for them (which i am not ashamed to say is quite a new thing for me…). The shoot was straight forward to capture the Moet Hennessy pop up stores limited edition Champagne Rose. Lots of detail shots, close ups, branding in the background etc. I came away with a great range of shots, one of my favourite was quite a simple shot but very effective. It shows branding, image depth, the right colour tone for the Rose limited edition bottles and it’s a strong image as the whole frame is filled with content yet doesn’t look busy  (and a nice shallow depth of field which i love too). The end result may be that this is used for a larger marketing of the Moet Brand, which would be great, sometimes images can be taken to a different level of usage without even this being a forethought. Apologies for the lack of dots above the e in Moet… the french would crucify me for that!!.


#Landscapes 2

Whenever I shoot a landscape that I think will look better in black and white than colour (which happens a lot), I always shoot it in colour first. I find when converting a colour image to black and white and then adjusting the black and white in the… image-> adjustments ->black and white, this gives you so much control over the former colour in the photograph, by being able to adjust the reds, greens, yellows for example which affect only certain areas of the image by lightening and darkening them. This can lead to amazing control over the image and gives the image a much more visceral appearence. It is hard to go to somewhere like Yosemite and not come back with a load of images that resemble Ansel Adams so all you can do is find something interesting and wait for the light to be just right. This image (Americana 15), was all about the reflection, but it is one of those image that takes a while to work out what exactly is going on. No wonder he spent his whole life in the Sierra Nevadas, if i had the chance i probably would too.

Americana 15

#Landscapes 1


A recent trip to California meant I was fortunate enough to go to Yosemite, one of the most stunning places in the world and if (like me) you are a fan of landscape photography then its a veritable mecca. I tried to do justice to one of the most famous landscape photographers who have gone before me, Ansel Adams. For this shot it was all split really, between what was going on above the water and what as going on in the reflections. I shot this image as two separate exposures and spliced them together. The water itself was quite murky so the exposure would have naturally been darker so by doing a few brackets I got the right exposure for the image. Whenever I try and shoot a landscape I try and make it as three dimensional as possible, for black and white images this is done by trying to build up the tonality of the image. Like the master printers gone before me, you dodge and burn areas to enhance the image and for me this shot was no different. I worked on the lighter and darker areas till i was satisfied the print was enhanced to the point where it was visually more impressive yet didn’t have a overly worked feel to it. Hope you like the results..