#Landscapes 2

Whenever I shoot a landscape that I think will look better in black and white than colour (which happens a lot), I always shoot it in colour first. I find when converting a colour image to black and white and then adjusting the black and white in the… image-> adjustments ->black and white, this gives you so much control over the former colour in the photograph, by being able to adjust the reds, greens, yellows for example which affect only certain areas of the image by lightening and darkening them. This can lead to amazing control over the image and gives the image a much more visceral appearence. It is hard to go to somewhere like Yosemite and not come back with a load of images that resemble Ansel Adams so all you can do is find something interesting and wait for the light to be just right. This image (Americana 15), was all about the reflection, but it is one of those image that takes a while to work out what exactly is going on. No wonder he spent his whole life in the Sierra Nevadas, if i had the chance i probably would too.

Americana 15

2 comments on “#Landscapes 2

  1. kurt says:

    I would agree, although I think part of that is because many of the iconic shots were in b/w, thanks to Ansel Adams. Black and White brings a simplicity to a landscape, which seems to enhance the sole purpose of the shot in the first place.

    • Indeed, colour can work and work well in certain situations and styles of photography, but for me, shooting a rural scene just seems really atmospheric in B&W… though i do have a lot of colour ones too, which i will post up and write about in the future… if anyone is interested.. this only Blog day2 for me… so gauging the response. Glad you liked it though, thank you!

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