A shoot for SAB Miller…

SAB Miller are one of the worlds biggest breweries and make some damn tasty lager too… I was asked by them to go out and take informal group portraits of certain divisions of their brewery around the world. This normally wouldn’t be such a logistical problem here in England, but the shoot was in Switzerland and once you are out there you better be sure you have all the relevant kit as the photographic community is not that vast out at Lake Luzern should something go wrong…. thankfully, it didn’t.

I wanted to get away from the staged and rather wooden group shots that can be done too often and make them more personable, friendly and relaxed, no mean feat when you are shooting people who are not used to being in front of the camera. The shoot was in a very nice bar in a very posh hotel and I wanted to portray a sense of enjoyment in the images, basically, give them a beer (one of their own brands of course, Peroni) and let them chat and have fun and interact with each other. The front light was a high diffused flash to give a nice even spread and then balancing that with the ambient bar lighting yet maintaining a quick enough shutter speed as not to get any movement…a few phrases that were used on the shoot were, “if you are going to laugh, can you laugh slower please and more towards the camera…”.

The HR Division of SAB MillerThe end result was great and I got a good series of images, which hopefully captured the group in a positive, fun and energetic light. Enjoy….

A shoot for the Daily Mail..

I have been Working for the Daily Mail in one capacity or another for the past few years and they always throw up a different challenge each time which is good as it keeps you on your toes. This shoot was a “real life” feature so I had to light a lady in the most flattering way possible yet put a bit of colour into the images. Red and Grey always go well together so the “model” was put in a nice figure hugging red dress, all that was left was to light it nicely. The spot effect to the rear was created using two elinchrom 600 heads, one on each side, with a dish and medium spot diffuser grid i

Daily Mail Shoot.

n, a bit of tweaking to centralise the spot was done and that was the backlighting sorted. The front lighting was a bit trickier, she was lit from above with a boom arm and a beauty dish with a slight gold insert and a soft cover over the dish, this gave a warm soft light (a healthy glow so to speak). The bottom light was a small soft box on a spider stand which just meant that there were no harsh shadows under the chin and eyes which isn’t that flattering for a female subject, it also put some light on the body and legs so the fall off from the beauty dish was not too harsh and was graduated. The sides had two black polyboards which cast a slight black shadow on her sides which helps to helped to slim her down. The rest was just posing to get a flattering look for her, hope you like the results, i thought she looked great in the end,,