Tiger Aspect Shoot for Howard goodalls new BBC documentary


This shoot was for a new Documentary which was being produced by Tiger Aspect. The stills were shot on location at Twickenham film studios. This shoot used Tungsten lights with blue gels which illuminated the set and I shot Howard Goodall with the usual daylight balanced flash heads. For image 1a the front light was a elinchrom head with a gridded soft box coming in from a 45 degree angle to the right of the camera and then a gridded spotlight coming in from the left with a polyboard to stop any flaring into my lens which was on wide (about 24mm). Because of the low light in the background the finished images were quite grainy and the blue was more yellow than I would have liked so this was amended in post. For the background I used a burn tool and burnt the shadows and the swathe of blue light I adjusted by taking yellow out of the blue areas in the image and then add a little saturation for added punch. (Image 1b). The second shot was a bit more dynamic and not only did I factor in the blue tungsten lighting but also used a HD projector for the images so i had to be careful not burn it out with my flash heads spilling light onto that area. I used egg crates for this light from the right side of the camera and a gridded spotlight coming in from the left, this kept the light from hitting areas that were lit by the blue gelled tungsten lights and the projected areas