Portrait of Salvatore Calabrese

I was commissioned to take a portrait of Salvatore Calabrese for the Mail. He is one of the worlds best (if not the best) cocktail makers and currently heads the bar at Salvatore’s bar, which is inside the playboy club on park lane, London. I had a rough idea how i was going to light it  before i got there. I wanted it to be quite contrasty so i cross lit his face with a gridded soft box, this can throw quite a bit of shadow across his opposite side of the face, so a key light (highlight) light was used. I used a standard dish with a medium honeycomb inside to create a spotlight and avoid flooding of light over the bar. This created a nice highlight down his right side of his face.


As most bars can be, there was not much ambient light. To avoid having to raise the ISO too high i had to light the back bar with another head (third head now). A normal bare head would kill the mood so to avoid it looking too lit, i stuck a quarter yellow gel on to give it the same bar feel we had before, but just allowing me to shoot that bit faster and not burn in the ambient.

We did a variety of poses etc, he was quite good when it came to this so it really made my job a lot easier.

Hope you like the results!!

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