Beauty Shoot 2

I was asked to shoot a beauty feature for a large UK newspaper and its beauty section. It was all about lipstick folks.. and how to get that matte look. I wanted to light this shot clean, my last shoot i could go moody and hence i used a beauty dish with a honeycomb insert, but for this i used a large Octa. The Octa itself is used in a number of ways, as a large window light or as a beauty dish (without the outside white diffuser). I used it on order to throw lots of soft light at the model and get an even coverage, i had a white polyboard (reflector) on camera right and a tri-reflector underneath her chin and below camera level to eliminate any slight shadowing under said chin and to a degree between the eyelids and eyebrows which can sometimes be darker than what you want them to be. The background was of course lit to white it out and this was just a couple of heads firing into two polyboards each to spread the light over the white colorama.


There was a little retouching for this shoot, blemish removal, teeth work and a bit of hair work in order to fill gaps etc. She had good skin and that helps massively.


Final Look:

Beauty Photography

Beauty Shoot 2 – Lipstick