Portrait fo Jo Elvin – Editor of Glamour magazine

I was asked to shoot Jo Elvin in relation to an article she was writing. I had to get one shot by her clothes and wardrobes and then a few on a white colorama backdrop. The first was shot in her dressing room and i balanced daylight from a bank of windows to camera left and used flash to fill any shadows (Image 1)


copyright Jesper mattias photography

Image 1.

The second lot of portraits were just about getting some clean shots of her, and by clean i mean nicely lit and flattering. I whited the background out and used a softbox at the front. As space was tight i used a silver reflector below the camera to add bounce and fill under the eyes and chin, which when using just one softbox above camera can sometimes leave dark areas on the eyelids and under the chin which isn’t always flattering for a woman. That was it, simple as that, the portraits looked nice though and worked well for the article.

Image 2

Jo Elvin – editor of Glamour magazine


Jo Elvin – editor of Glamour magazine copyright of Jesper mattias photography

You can see the final article here in press : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2334819/Confessions-clothes-aholic-Emotional-dependence-clothes-shopping-spiral-worryingly-control.html

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