Still to advertise BAFTA winning Operation Ouch World War 1 Special for CBBC and Maverick TV

Operation Ouch - Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Operation Ouch – Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

I was commissioned to shoot the stills to advertise this one off special to coincide with the centenary of WW1. The image was shot in a cattle shed and we propped it up to look like a bunker. Three heads were used here, a snoot on the right with a grid insert to highlight the satchel and lantern. Another gridded dish on the left to highlight the maps and a soft box with an egg crate inert for the front light. I was conscious of the light flying everywhere in such a small space and it needed to be controlled hence using grids on all the lights. This also gave a really sharp fall off of flight which is what i wanted as it was going to be quite a contrasty image. Not too much post done to this, pretty much as shot in camera. Had to wait nearly a year to write this blog post as the show has only just come out. Hope you like the image, i think it worked really well. enjoy