My Portrait of Helen McGinn, author and wine critic @knackeredmutha

Portrait of Helen McGinn - follow her here @knackeredmutha - all images copyright of jesper mattias 2014

Portrait of Helen McGinn – follow her here @knackeredmutha –
all images copyright of jesper mattias 2014

I was asked to shoot a portrait of Helen McGinn for a wine feature she was running. The shoot happened at her house and we decided to do it outside. The idea for me was to make it as bright and colourful and upbeat as possible, as it was quite a flat day we had too wait patiently for a break in the clouds. I wanted to use flash lighting (profoto) as to clean the face up and help balance the daylight in the background with the scrimmed foreground (Helen). So i set up a scrim camera right which diffused the sunlight and therefore allowed me to put a slight amount of flash in, (about half a stop below the background) as i wanted that brighter and therefore emphasising the little sun we had. I think the mottle light behind works really well, it lifts her off the image and adds great depth and a bit of interest to the background.

Hope you like it. Feel free to leave comments folks. …


A shoot for #Moet Hennessy..

It is always nice when a new client calls and books you, especially when it is a big luxury brand like Moet Hennessy. They want me to not only take stills but also shoot video for them (which i am not ashamed to say is quite a new thing for me…). The shoot was straight forward to capture the Moet Hennessy pop up stores limited edition Champagne Rose. Lots of detail shots, close ups, branding in the background etc. I came away with a great range of shots, one of my favourite was quite a simple shot but very effective. It shows branding, image depth, the right colour tone for the Rose limited edition bottles and it’s a strong image as the whole frame is filled with content yet doesn’t look busy  (and a nice shallow depth of field which i love too). The end result may be that this is used for a larger marketing of the Moet Brand, which would be great, sometimes images can be taken to a different level of usage without even this being a forethought. Apologies for the lack of dots above the e in Moet… the french would crucify me for that!!.