Group Shot of Board members of Pentair – USA

I was asked to shoot the members of a board of a company called Pentair. They are a very large multinational US firm who deal with many different areas, oil, construction etc. They were in the uk and I had a fifteen minute window in which to shoot them for a group shot. Now, there were eleven of them and this is too many to shoot in one go on a white 9ft colorama (side by side anyway). I decided to break the group up and shoot them in four sections and fit them together in post. In order to do this you have to mock up what the final image will look like in your head so it will look seamless. It’s easy shooting four small groups but sticking them together so it looks like they were all shot in one go is quite tricky. Lighting wise; I had two large boom arms with my elinchrom heads with silver brollies above camera and angled sown slightly with a head on the floor with a softbox attached to act as a fill light to clear away any unwanted shadows etc. The colorama was lit cleanly so they could be cut out at later stage with relative ease. I did my usual tweaks in post and gave them the contrasty and de-saturated look i do to most of my work. The result was great and the client was happy. Pleas feel free to comment!PENTAIR-GROUP-LowRes

My Portrait of Helen McGinn, author and wine critic @knackeredmutha

Portrait of Helen McGinn - follow her here @knackeredmutha - all images copyright of jesper mattias 2014

Portrait of Helen McGinn – follow her here @knackeredmutha –
all images copyright of jesper mattias 2014

I was asked to shoot a portrait of Helen McGinn for a wine feature she was running. The shoot happened at her house and we decided to do it outside. The idea for me was to make it as bright and colourful and upbeat as possible, as it was quite a flat day we had too wait patiently for a break in the clouds. I wanted to use flash lighting (profoto) as to clean the face up and help balance the daylight in the background with the scrimmed foreground (Helen). So i set up a scrim camera right which diffused the sunlight and therefore allowed me to put a slight amount of flash in, (about half a stop below the background) as i wanted that brighter and therefore emphasising the little sun we had. I think the mottle light behind works really well, it lifts her off the image and adds great depth and a bit of interest to the background.

Hope you like it. Feel free to leave comments folks. …


Beauty Shoot 1

I was asked to shoot a beauty feature for a large newspaper, the premise was easy enough, white background and a model and I could light it how I wanted. I decided to go directional, by this I mean use a hard light.

My weapon of choice was a Beauty Dish with a honeycomb grid attachment and have this high and left of camera. What I wanted was the magic triangle of light on the rear of the face as you can see from the final shot, yet still be low enough to throw light into the eyes as well without creating shadow under the eyelids.

The background was whited out by a couple of elinchrom heads shooting into white poly boards, they were about a stop hotter than the front light to ensure a nice clean white backdrop and also give the chance of a small bit of bounce back which I like. This gives a softer edge on the skin which can be seen if you look at the right hand side of the models face. There was only really minimal retouching here. A few removals of blemishes and a bit of hair work (cleaning up strays etc), the model had really good skin, coupled with good lighting and great make up it sure does make your day that much easier!

Make up was done by the fantastic Oonagh Connor from the Joy Goodman agency!

hope you like it…


A Beauty Hair Shoot

A Beauty Hair Shoot