Portrait of Journalist Liz Hoggard

I was commissioned to shoot Liz Hoggard who is a journalist. It was to coincide with a feature she was writing on relationships (specifically the one between her partner chris and her friends and Liz). The article was to illustrate the differences between her and her partner and the fact that being a journalist involves being on your phone and attending parties quite a lot, as opposed to her partner chris who doesn’t drink and prefers an early night. I interpreted this visually with the use of props (cocktails on one side, green tea on the other etc…)

I wanted to create as much drama in the lighting as possible yet still give it a clean feel. I used a gridded softbox at the front and positioned it above camera. As there was quite a bit of depth to the image I needed o throw some lighting into the background. I used a head with a orange gel for the background shot (to give a bit of warmth to the bar behind). But the real tweaks came in post. I underexposed the image itself to make sure there was detail across the full range then upped the contrast quite considerable and desaturated the shot. I think it worked really well and gave a depth and texture to the image


Portrait of Liz and Chris Hoggard

Portrait of Liz and Chris Hoggard

Portrait fo Jo Elvin – Editor of Glamour magazine

I was asked to shoot Jo Elvin in relation to an article she was writing. I had to get one shot by her clothes and wardrobes and then a few on a white colorama backdrop. The first was shot in her dressing room and i balanced daylight from a bank of windows to camera left and used flash to fill any shadows (Image 1)


copyright Jesper mattias photography

Image 1.

The second lot of portraits were just about getting some clean shots of her, and by clean i mean nicely lit and flattering. I whited the background out and used a softbox at the front. As space was tight i used a silver reflector below the camera to add bounce and fill under the eyes and chin, which when using just one softbox above camera can sometimes leave dark areas on the eyelids and under the chin which isn’t always flattering for a woman. That was it, simple as that, the portraits looked nice though and worked well for the article.

Image 2

Jo Elvin – editor of Glamour magazine


Jo Elvin – editor of Glamour magazine copyright of Jesper mattias photography

You can see the final article here in press : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2334819/Confessions-clothes-aholic-Emotional-dependence-clothes-shopping-spiral-worryingly-control.html

Beauty Shoot 2

I was asked to shoot a beauty feature for a large UK newspaper and its beauty section. It was all about lipstick folks.. and how to get that matte look. I wanted to light this shot clean, my last shoot i could go moody and hence i used a beauty dish with a honeycomb insert, but for this i used a large Octa. The Octa itself is used in a number of ways, as a large window light or as a beauty dish (without the outside white diffuser). I used it on order to throw lots of soft light at the model and get an even coverage, i had a white polyboard (reflector) on camera right and a tri-reflector underneath her chin and below camera level to eliminate any slight shadowing under said chin and to a degree between the eyelids and eyebrows which can sometimes be darker than what you want them to be. The background was of course lit to white it out and this was just a couple of heads firing into two polyboards each to spread the light over the white colorama.


There was a little retouching for this shoot, blemish removal, teeth work and a bit of hair work in order to fill gaps etc. She had good skin and that helps massively.


Final Look:

Beauty Photography

Beauty Shoot 2 – Lipstick

Portrait of Salvatore Calabrese

I was commissioned to take a portrait of Salvatore Calabrese for the Mail. He is one of the worlds best (if not the best) cocktail makers and currently heads the bar at Salvatore’s bar, which is inside the playboy club on park lane, London. I had a rough idea how i was going to light it  before i got there. I wanted it to be quite contrasty so i cross lit his face with a gridded soft box, this can throw quite a bit of shadow across his opposite side of the face, so a key light (highlight) light was used. I used a standard dish with a medium honeycomb inside to create a spotlight and avoid flooding of light over the bar. This created a nice highlight down his right side of his face.


As most bars can be, there was not much ambient light. To avoid having to raise the ISO too high i had to light the back bar with another head (third head now). A normal bare head would kill the mood so to avoid it looking too lit, i stuck a quarter yellow gel on to give it the same bar feel we had before, but just allowing me to shoot that bit faster and not burn in the ambient.

We did a variety of poses etc, he was quite good when it came to this so it really made my job a lot easier.

Hope you like the results!!

Copyright Jespermattias.com Copyright Jespermattias.com

A shoot for the Daily Mail..

I have been Working for the Daily Mail in one capacity or another for the past few years and they always throw up a different challenge each time which is good as it keeps you on your toes. This shoot was a “real life” feature so I had to light a lady in the most flattering way possible yet put a bit of colour into the images. Red and Grey always go well together so the “model” was put in a nice figure hugging red dress, all that was left was to light it nicely. The spot effect to the rear was created using two elinchrom 600 heads, one on each side, with a dish and medium spot diffuser grid i

Daily Mail Shoot.

n, a bit of tweaking to centralise the spot was done and that was the backlighting sorted. The front lighting was a bit trickier, she was lit from above with a boom arm and a beauty dish with a slight gold insert and a soft cover over the dish, this gave a warm soft light (a healthy glow so to speak). The bottom light was a small soft box on a spider stand which just meant that there were no harsh shadows under the chin and eyes which isn’t that flattering for a female subject, it also put some light on the body and legs so the fall off from the beauty dish was not too harsh and was graduated. The sides had two black polyboards which cast a slight black shadow on her sides which helps to helped to slim her down. The rest was just posing to get a flattering look for her, hope you like the results, i thought she looked great in the end,,