Julia Bradbury for Fitbit 2014

I was asked to Shoot Julia Bradbury for Fitbit this year. Fitbit are the worlds leader on fitness tracker bands so Julia fitted the bill as the face of the brand as she is outdoorsy and i think wears one of these bands anyway.. handy! The shoot was in Richmond Park and i had the intention of overcomplicating things by lugging round my profoto and using that but in the end a reflector and available light did the trick. I love the tones to the images, very pastel like and soft which works well and makes julia and the coloured bracelets pop off the page. I have attached a selection of a few of the final ones (screen grabbed for Low Res). Hope you like them, any questions then please feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy!

Julia 1 - Fitbit Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Julia 1 – Fitbit Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014


Julia 3 - Fitbit Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Julia 3 – Fitbit Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Julia 2 - Fitbit Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Julia 2 – Fitbit Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Advertising shoot with Julia Bradbury for FITBIT

I was commissioned to shoot Julia Bradbury who was the face of FitBit, which is a fitness tracker band that syncs to your phone app and laptop etc and gives running stats on distance walked, calories lost etc. The Studio shots were up to me on how I was to light it, but as it was a white background type shoot there were not too many options really. I used a beauty dish with a soft cover on the front and a cut light (Clip light) on the side with a bit of added warmth in the guise of a 1/4 orange gel. It was about incorporating the Fitbit Flex bracelet in as natural a way as possible so i approached this like i would a watch shoot, as there isn’t really too much difference in positions between the two. The shoot was really about variation in poses and as we only had a few hours we managed to rattle of a fair bit, namely because Julia is a pro! Hope you like the images, feel free to comment!

JuliaBradbury1 JuliaBradbury2



Fitbit and Kaizo PR Shoot

Last week i was asked to shoot some stills to promote Fitbit (a nifty bit of kit that allows you to track your steps, calories lost and general activity). The shoot was based on the concept of making the most of your lunch break during work and getting out and being active. We thought we would make it fun so got 6 actors in and dressed them in a mix of suits and luminous sports gear and then hit the streets of London to get some shots…

I kept my kit quite basic for this. I used my usual collection of lenses (12-24mm 70-200L lens and my trusted 24-105L lens) Prophoto 7b pack and head and some shoot through brollies so we could use fill in flash and get generally a cleaner light if required, 5d mark2, pocket wizards. Attached are some of the images

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