Shoot at a craft brewery

I have a long running project about craft food/drinks producers that i am working on constantly and after having shot various drinks makers (vodka distillers in Brooklyn, NYC and a champagne makers in Hampshire) i wanted to shoot a brewery and Bath has a fantastic one called The Electric Bear, which has one countless awards already for its ale. I love backlighting subjects anyway so this gave me a chance to do just that. I knew there would be lots of steam/smoke from the various tanks so backlighting it would add more drama. I wanted to capture the whole process from initial brewing to distribution. A lot of the shots were shot wide open to add more flare with a fair bit being retouched to remove branding and lighting stands! I had the luxury of attaching lights to an overhead mezzanine to increase the general light levels and override any tungsten that was floating around, this made my job a lot easier and was almost like shooting in daylight apart from working with my main key light which was the backlight.It was a good chance to try out my new canon 5DSr in a testing environment, lots of steam and heat basically. It worked and performed really well and the quality of the final images were amazing. I have included a few images here and more can be seen through my agency (image source). If you have any questions then feel free to ask .

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Still to advertise BAFTA winning Operation Ouch World War 1 Special for CBBC and Maverick TV

Operation Ouch - Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

Operation Ouch – Copyright Jesper Mattias 2014

I was commissioned to shoot the stills to advertise this one off special to coincide with the centenary of WW1. The image was shot in a cattle shed and we propped it up to look like a bunker. Three heads were used here, a snoot on the right with a grid insert to highlight the satchel and lantern. Another gridded dish on the left to highlight the maps and a soft box with an egg crate inert for the front light. I was conscious of the light flying everywhere in such a small space and it needed to be controlled hence using grids on all the lights. This also gave a really sharp fall off of flight which is what i wanted as it was going to be quite a contrasty image. Not too much post done to this, pretty much as shot in camera. Had to wait nearly a year to write this blog post as the show has only just come out. Hope you like the image, i think it worked really well. enjoy


Portrait of Journalist Liz Hoggard

I was commissioned to shoot Liz Hoggard who is a journalist. It was to coincide with a feature she was writing on relationships (specifically the one between her partner chris and her friends and Liz). The article was to illustrate the differences between her and her partner and the fact that being a journalist involves being on your phone and attending parties quite a lot, as opposed to her partner chris who doesn’t drink and prefers an early night. I interpreted this visually with the use of props (cocktails on one side, green tea on the other etc…)

I wanted to create as much drama in the lighting as possible yet still give it a clean feel. I used a gridded softbox at the front and positioned it above camera. As there was quite a bit of depth to the image I needed o throw some lighting into the background. I used a head with a orange gel for the background shot (to give a bit of warmth to the bar behind). But the real tweaks came in post. I underexposed the image itself to make sure there was detail across the full range then upped the contrast quite considerable and desaturated the shot. I think it worked really well and gave a depth and texture to the image


Portrait of Liz and Chris Hoggard

Portrait of Liz and Chris Hoggard